I sing - it's what I do! I am lucky to be living my dream as a musician in beautiful SW Florida! I am a singer/songwriter & I play guitar. I just released my first CD “Fate Steps In”, available on ITunes, CD Baby and my website at www.sheri.co. 

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and studied voice with famed vocal coach, Marty Lawrence.  Poised to record an album, the financial backing fell apart which lead to the decision to put my music career on hold. I left NY when I married a man whose career path required several moves and gave me the opportunity to live in San Francisco, Honolulu - where I gave birth to my daughter, North Carolina, and eventually settled in Florida.
Music was always a huge part of my life and without question, part of who I am. Always singing and playing my guitar, my passion for entertaining has always been evident.  After the demise of my marriage, I started playing at open mic nights.  Becoming part of the music scene in SW Florida has been challenging at times, but quite an adventure to say the least. I began playing solo at local coffee shops and then with several other musicians who had heard about me. This led to the formation of laid back acoustic band, which included an array of local musicians.  It wasn’t long until I met Art Nadelman, who swept me off my feet and urged me to take my talent and our relationship to the next level. We got married. His support was instrumental in putting my own rock band together, “SHERI and THE VISION”. There were several versions of “The VISION”, as musicians rotated during the next few years. This allowed me to experience working with many amazing artists in several musical scenarios.
Eventually the economy started to wreak havoc and rather than restructuring the band, I took advantage of the time and accepted the coveted role as The Acid Queen in the Sarasota Players Theater award - winning production of “The Who’s Tommy”.   It was there that I met guitarist Tony Rizzo who invited me to sit in with his band “soulRcoaster” which was going through some changes. We jelled well and I’m happy to say that with both our efforts, we have become a much sought after sophisticated dance band.  With the versatitlity of soulRcoaster, I get to bring my energy on stage performing an eclectic repertoire that includes everything from Etta to GaGa, while interacting with an always fun and responsive crowd. My husband is an amazing sound engineer who works with me to ensure perfect sound which allows us to play in a variety of venues large and intimate.  Of course, I also still perform solo/duo shows where I get to do what I like to call “stripped down acoustic material”, including my own original songs.
My first recently released CD, “FATE STEPS IN”, was recorded at Spirit Ranch Studios in Sarasota, FL, with producer/engineer Bud Snyder whose work with the Allman Brothers Band has earned him several grammy nominations.  Bud assembled some of southern rock's royalty as my backing musicians. They include the incomparable real life guitar hero, “Dangerous” Dan Toler and Berry Duane Oakley, Jr. (whose namesake was a founding member of The Allman Brothers), Pedro Arevalo, Mike Kach and James Varnado who all tour with Dickie Betts’ Great Southern Band. I’ve been described as a powerful singer with comparisons to the likes of Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde, Sheryl Crow and Cher, and although there is a southern influence, I cover a variety of styles on my album.
It has been quite a journey and I am so proud of the music that I can share.  Whether it’s my own personal heartfelt compositions or a cover tune of the many artists I so admire, I feel very lucky to be able to follow my heart and express my passion to an always appreciative audience.  It's taken me a lifetime to get here but I'm proof that you can do anything at any stage of the game!!  Life is all about having fun!
Come out and see me sometime... I've got a tambourine with your name on it!  “FATE STEPS IN” is available on ITunes, CD Baby and my website:  www.sheri.co
Contact info:  sheri@sheri.co tel: 941-359-3225 Twitter @SheriMakesMusic

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